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Drain me dry

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Holy smokes!  i think i just came sorting through these pictures.  I think girls having orgasms is the sexiest thing on earth.  Whether you’re a screamer, a moaner, a whimperer, or straight quiet… watching a girl cum makes me cum just a little harder.  Enjoy.

7c3e4196_rt8.jpg  7c3e4200_rt8.jpg  7c3e4203_rt8.jpg  7c3e4208_rt8.jpg

7c3e4211_rt8.jpg  7c3e4214_rt8.jpg  7c3e4227_rt8.jpg  7c3e4230_rt8.jpg

7c3e4236_rt8.jpg  7c3e4240_rt8.jpg  7c3e4243_rt8.jpg  7c3e4249_rt8.jpg

7c3e4201_rt8.jpg 7c3e4217_rt8.jpg 7c3e4218_rt8.jpg

7c3e4234_rt8.jpg 7c3e4245_rt8.jpg 7c3e4246_rt8.jpg

Jenna Haze. need i say more?

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2659_03.jpg  2659_10.jpg  2659_09.jpg  2659_08.jpg

2659_07.jpg  2659_11.jpg  2659_12.jpg  2659_14.jpg

2659_16.jpg  2659_20.jpg  2659_22.jpg  2659_23.jpg

2659_24.jpg  2659_25.jpg  2659_38.jpg  2659_40.jpg

2659_41.jpg  2659_44.jpg  2659_45.jpg  2659_46.jpg

2659_48.jpg  189_05.jpg  189_15.jpg  189_37.jpg

2659_30.jpg 2659_36.jpg 2659_37.jpg

2659_42.jpg 2659_43.jpg 2659_39.jpg

Jelena Jensen

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2678_18_resize.jpg  2678_17_resize.jpg  2678_06_resize.jpg  2678_08_resize.jpg

2678_28_resize.jpg  2678_22_resize.jpg  2678_24_resize1.jpg  2678_29_resize.jpg

2678_04_resize.jpg  2678_32_resize1.jpg  2678_56_resize.jpg  2678_34_resize.jpg

2678_45_resize.jpg  2678_54_resize.jpg  2678_50_resize.jpg

2678_47_resize.jpg  2678_39_resize.jpg  2678_38_resize.jpg

The numbers keep going up on my ‘I wanna suck on these’ post, so i figured you’d like this.

Jelena is the first of many hotties that i will post here.  When it comes to fine women, i think i have a pretty good eye.  Even if a girl isn’t the prettiest in the world, if she’s on here, you better believe that there is something about her that i like and gets me off.  not all naked girls are created equal. 

Jelena… i like her.  enjoy.


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6300017.jpg  63000181.jpg  rearview.jpg

I love soccer, but after seeing these girls, i love it even more.  Can you imagine having a girl for every FIFA World Cup team?  haha. I do.  and its pretty damn good.

want more? hehe

i want to suck on these

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12.jpg  221.jpg  27-2.jpg  271.jpg  jelena_00068.jpg  4_th.jpg

does it get any better?  just going thru my collection tonight, i have pictures of some of the most beautiful girls, tits, butts, pussies (i love girls) in the whole freakin world.

i’ll be sharing some of my favorite girls with you in the coming posts.  Bree Olson, Jenna Haze, Angel Dark are a few.  Here is one of my favorite girls of all time.  She still gets me hard, and i swear… i must’ve cum a 1000 times over the years watching her, and squirted enough to fill a tub. 

janine_0076.jpg  26.jpg  32.jpg  janine_0103.jpg

masturbation ideas?

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hard.jpg  pict0031.jpg  pict0030.jpg

i like to abuse my cock…  i usually vibrate it at massive speeds w/ my massager and then feel it blow hard.  have you ever come so hard, you feel like your shooting out your insides.  when my body is left twitching after i cum… i know i’ve done a good job.  If you’d like to see me do something to my cock, leave a comment w/ your suggestion.

most succulent boobs in my collection

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over past year, i’ve developed this obsession w/ boobs.  I have been searching the most succulent pair of boobs on the internet for a while.  when you’ve seen as many tits as i have, one would think they all start looking the same.  NO WAY!  Sure… when you seeing a girl getting boned, who really cares what her boobs look like… just as long as they’re bouncing up and down.  but, i love women, and every part of them.  today so happens to be a titties day.  Here are some…  don’t lick your monitor!

10066b_20.jpg  10446_100.jpg  10442_30sm.jpg