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AVW Fuckdown! (parts 1,2,3) and eRaw – Japanese Adult Wrestling

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I love porn, but this takes it to another level.  If you watch JAV (Japanese Adult Video), they love to finger girls and love public exposure.  they love to showcase the girls and love to show them cumming.  So these features are straight HOT! 

If you like the SOD – Soft On Demand Dildo/Vibrator Bike features, you’ll LOVE these!











email me at ninjagirl AT if you’re interested in ordering these features. it will range anywhere from $4-7 + shipping (up to 3 features on a DVD.)

these features can only be played on your computer and are not encoding for regular DVD player playback.

Girls riding and cumming on dildo / vibrator bicycles = a great cum session

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visit our full site at

If you want the whole video, send an email to ninjagirl AT  The DVD you order includes 3 movies (the first 3 dvds in the series) and will be $7 plus your choice of shipping. (ranges from $3 for regular mail to $5 for 2-3 day express mail).  This will beat having to deal w/ slow downloads… and thats only if you can find it online somewhere (very rare).  We at love this kind of porn so much that we are starting our own production company to make this ‘good stuff’ in the spirit of JAV (Japanese Adult Video).  We highly recommend that you get these vid files on your computer and enjoy.  $7 is cheap for a chance to watch some hot girls getting off in very different ways.  I will send you directions on payment once you email me.

Feature #1
sod-acme-bicycle-1-cover.jpg sod-acme-bicycle-1-01.jpg sod-acme-bicycle-1-02.jpg sod-acme-bicycle-1-03.jpg

Feature #2
sod-acme-bicycle-2-cover.jpg sod-acme-bicycle-2-01.jpg sod-acme-bicycle-2-02.jpg sod-acme-bicycle-2-03.jpg

Clip from Feature #1